Check out the new Mass17 Workstations and Equipment…


Applus designed and built the MASS17 workstations using industry leading, state-of the-art features with the following goals in mind:


    Key Features:

    • Increased reliability to reduce down time
    • Ease of use for turn-key operation and efficiency
    • Industry-leading training and real-time support

    State-of-the-Art WorkStations

    • New features enhance test integrity, speed and usability
    • OBD scan tool meets California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) certification standards, including requirements for durability and communication
    • Option for wireless OBD scan tools and bar code scanners reduces the number of cords coming from the workstation
    • Engine temperature and RPM are captured during the opacity test
    • Larger computer monitor that displays all non-commercial vehicle safety items on single screen is standard
    • Plug-and-play components make it easy to replace parts and stay up and running
    • Improved, self-contained cart design, with locking storage compartment, keeps everything organized, secure and clean
    • Flexible keyboard that is durable, washable and waterproof is standard on all workstations
    • Spare critical cables are included with each workstation
    • Digital signature capture for the vehicle inspection report (VIR) will be provided for FMCSA/DOT commercial inspections.
    • VIR printer is networked using a Serial cable for increased reliability so print failures can be addressed before they happen, which means fewer inspection restarts.

    Industry Leading Training and Real-time Support 

    • Applus manufactures, supports and services all of its own equipment for higher quality and faster, more knowledgeable service and support
    • Stations and inspectors will now have access to their own personalized dashboard through their workstation OR any internet connected device.
    • Real-time QA test analysis and test interruptions to ensure the highest quality inspection and video conferencing 
    • Staffing of 10 Motorist Assistance Centers (MACs) with two Registered Emissions Repair Technicians each to help inspection and repair professionals across Massachusetts
    • Ability to interrupt inspections for two-way communication with MAC staff when unusual test results are encountered
    • Enhanced training opportunities for repair technicians, including no-cost training to help them keep current with OBD systems


    Video Technology for Improved Documentation and Support

    • Hand-held cameras to correctly identify vehicles being inspected and document obvious safety defects
    • Inspection process includes multiple cameras: 3 per workstation
    • Inspector-initiated video conferencing during an inspection for technical support and program assistance


    Improved Sticker Design

    • Separate rolls of adhesive are eliminated, reducing cost and aggravation and saving time!
    • Separate sticker and vehicle inspection report (VIR) printers: inspection stickers are a form-feed style so no more loose stickers to jam, get stuck together or get lost
    • Stickers hand-delivered by Applus staff